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Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 09:36:32 CEST 2014


On 24/09/14 08:44, Zaka Ul Isam wrote:
> Hello Folks:
> Please help with above, I have browsed and tried various suggestions on this list without much luck!
> I think problem can be reduced to three questions ;)
> 1: Apart from DEFINE WITH PSTN directive, do I need certain modules to be compiled?  (DIALPLAN, CARRIERROUTE, LCR aso) If yes, then we ought to put up a list of modules required for each task/ activity.....
if you have only a pstn gateway, it is not necessary to add extra modules.

If you have more, makes sense to get lcr or an alternative, the right 
place with be to replace some of the content in route PSTN with 
functions from the new module.
> 2: How Kamailio core decides the call routing? i.e: based on dialed digits as specified in dialplan .
> # - update the condition to match your dialing rules for PSTN routing
>          if(!($rU=~"^(\+|00355)[0][4-9]{3,20}$"))
>                  return;
Yes, in the case of default config file, but you can change that as 
needed by you. Default config file was made mainly to give an example of 
routing to PSTN, but can be update to match your rules for sending to PSTN.
> &&
> #!ifdef WITH_PSTN
> # PSTN GW Routing
> #
> # - pstn.gw_ip: valid IP or hostname as string value, example:
> # pstn.gw_ip = "" desc "My PSTN GW Address"
> #
> # - by default is empty to avoid misrouting
> pstn.gw_ip = "10.1.6" desc "PSTN GW Address"
> pstn.gw_port = "5080" desc "PSTN GW Port"
> #!endif
> 3: If Kamailio is listening on say wlan0 interface (Ubuntu HOT SPOT) can it route to PSTN Gateway/ Softswitch on P2P1 (Eth0) without Bridging? Put another way, does kernel route towards the specified interface or Kamailio is capable of routing based on active routing cache?
This is a matter of your routing rules in kernel. Also, if you do 
natting there, the PSTN gateway must be able to do nat traversal for rtp.


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