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Because I've more than 1 client behind NAT (1,2,3 mobile phones) and I would like to reach all of them in parallel mode. I can't use for all of them same ports because all mobile clients have early media (the receive video media before they answer)

So at the moment this scenario is not possible? Is there any possible turnaround?

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On 23/09/14 04:35 AM, marino.mileti at alice.it wrote:

> I've a problem with rtpproxy during a parallel ring scenario.
> I've two client behind NAT ( & and when I
> try to call them in parallel mode (ringall) rtpproxy module sends in to
> the INVITE the same RTP ports.
> Is it possible to manage rtpproxy in order to generate a couple of new
> port for each branch?

Not at the moment. The logic is that one endpoint advertised by the 
client is mapped to one endpoint advertised by rtpengine. Why would you 
like a separate set of ports?


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