[SR-Users] Siremis v4.1.0 Questions.

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Subject: Re: [SR-Users] Siremis v4.1.0 Questions. Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 09:32:49PM +0200 Quoting Mahmoud Ramadan Ali (cisco.and.more.blog at gmail.com):
> *Hello Olle,Thanks for your interest..but i want to know is the free
> version sip:providerCE  support load balancing bettwen multiple Asterisk
> servers and SIP proxy and RTP proxy configuration ?*

If you configure it so it of course can do load balancing. But "it" --
what do you mean? This is the Kamailio list, and while a lot of people
here work on both Kamailio and Asterisk they indeed are different pieces
of software with only some feature overlap. Kamailio "only" does message
routing, and does not handle media (unless you force it) whereas Asterisk
is more like a PBX in that it handles soon-to-be obsolete stuff like
ISDN connections and records and plays media, acts like a client, etc.

If you are coming from the Cisco Call Manager world the Asterisk probably
is much more familiar to your phone mindset.

And, listen to Olle. He's taught me all I know about Kamailio. If he says
"study the config" then that is what you do ;-)

If we rephrase -- what do you want to do?  

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