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Bruno Emer brunoemer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 17:40:13 CEST 2014

Hi, Daniel and Frank!

Thanks for your support!
Now, I changed my scenario just a lil bit to make it easy to understand and
deploy. I'm doing the following:

   1. Created a server using the "Outbound" module configuration example,
but add WebSocket support in it. (IP Address
   2. Created a server running as Proxy and Registrar with WebSockets
support. (IP Address
   3. Registered two users (bob and alice at enterprise.com) using WebRTC.
These users sent they Register requests to the Oubount server
   4. I'm also using an external postgres database to store the user
informations. In my proxy/registrar server, I've configurated
"modparam("usrloc", "db_mode", 3)", so it will not store data in memory.

After register the users in my scenario, I can see the following
information stored in my database (output of kamctl db show location):

 id  |         ruid         | username |     domain     |
 contact                     |       received        | path |       expires
      | q  |         callid         | cseq |    last_modified    | flags |
cflags |    user_agent     |       socket        | methods |
     instance                     | reg_id
 277 | uloc-54203f71-10bd-2 | alice    | enterprise.com |
sip:v4s0prah at o35ctmdnnruv.invalid;transport=ws | sip: |
   | 2014-09-22 15:31:21 | -1 | udb4shpe4dnm1jsl6016s5 |   82 | 2014-09-22
15:26:21 |     0 |      0 | JsSIP 0.4.0-devel | udp: |
783 | <urn:uuid:75c837d1-740a-4c62-baa0-56a06149699e> |      1
 278 | uloc-54203f71-10bc-2 | bob      | enterprise.com |
sip:lr78s270 at 0mkf6fgtprlh.invalid;transport=ws | sip: |
   | 2014-09-22 15:34:02 | -1 | 5mpl9q4bkuqsnpk8r316j5 |   82 | 2014-09-22
15:29:02 |     0 |      0 | JsSIP 0.4.0-devel | udp: |
783 | <urn:uuid:e92ef911-1ae4-45b1-bfc9-b5752b0f2fe1> |      1

So, I can assume that both users are registered and ready to start sessions.

Now, when I try to start a new session between then (let's say bob calling
alice) what I get in the endpoint is the following message:

SIP/2.0 500 I'm terribly sorry, server error occurred (1/SL)
Via: SIP/2.0/WS
To: <sip:alice at enterprise.com>;tag=94c1b96a0e6eb467885b5057e1e49f9e.1970
From: <sip:bob at enterprise.com>;tag=on056iipql
Call-ID: 5e1pmj2fppbgg13doi4k
CSeq: 3989 INVITE
Server: kamailio (4.1.5 (x86_64/linux))
Content-Length: 0

What I understood about this problem is that the Proxy server is trying to
forward the INVITE to the Outbound server and this server does not know
that to do with this message - like forward it to alice.

I'm stucked in this step.

Here you can find the configuration files that I'm using:

Outbound Server:

Proxy Server:

Thanks again!

Bruno Emer

*Bruno Emer*

Mobile: +55 11 96540-0044
email: brunoemer at gmail.com
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2014-09-18 18:04 GMT-03:00 Bruno Emer <brunoemer at gmail.com>:

> Ok, Daniel!
> I am trying exactly what you said, but for some reason the proxy server
> can't forward the message back to the WebSocket server. I am getting
> "487 Unresolvable destination". Appears that my Proxy Server can't get data
> from usrloc.
> When I register an user using WebRTC I can see that the system stores the
> information in kamailio database and in the field "contact" it puts a
> string. The Proxy server is looking in database and just find this
> information. Actually, I'm trying to understand the entire process that
> envolves passing information from an Edge Server to a Proxy server that
> sends the Register information to another Registrar server (as I described
> before). The database is shared between all the servers, and they are in
> the same network.
> I just read the information in another topic, as you said, but I think
> that my case is a lil bit different from it. I you agree, I can post my
> configuration files here. Maybe this can help another users with the same
> problem!
> Thanks again!!!
> *Bruno Emer*
> Mobile: +55 11 96540-0044
> email: brunoemer at gmail.com
> <https://www.facebook.com/bruno.emer.5>
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> <http://google.com/+BrunoEmer>  <http://instagram.com/brunoemer_>
> 2014-09-17 9:13 GMT-03:00 Bruno Emer <brunoemer at gmail.com>:
> Hello!
>> I am relatively new to Kamailio and I'm trying to create a new enviroment
>> using it in my company. I am thinking about use Amazon to host the servers
>> and use OpsWorks to automatically escalate then if necessary. To accomplish
>> this, my idea is to separate the servers, using one dedicated server to run
>> as WebSocket, one to run as proxy and one as a Registrar. I'll be using
>> just one database to store informations to all of my servers. With this, if
>> I need more resources later, I can just create new servers with the
>> specific roles (WebSockets, Proxy, Registrar).
>> By now, the idea is clear, but the point is that I don't know how to
>> separate the WebSockets server from the proxy server. Actually, I can do
>> this, but when I have one agent using a regular softphone and one agent
>> using WebSockets (with JSSIP) they are not able to establish a session if
>> the softphone user starts it. Now, I want to know if is there a way to use
>> two websockets servers, register users using both of then and start
>> sessions between then, with a separated proxy and registrar.
>> Has anyone done this before? Is possible to use kamailio like this?
>> Thanks.
>> *Bruno Emer*
>> Mobile: +55 11 96540-0044
>> email: brunoemer at gmail.com
>> <https://www.facebook.com/bruno.emer.5>
>> <https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=86461237&trk=spm_pic>
>> <https://twitter.com/brunoemer_>
>> <https://www.flickr.com/photos/122070309@N03/>
>> <http://google.com/+BrunoEmer>  <http://instagram.com/brunoemer_>
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