[SR-Users] Dispatcher - failure_route to specific node

Nicholas Gill nick at etellicom.com
Tue Sep 16 08:07:24 CEST 2014

On 16/09/14 15:55, Federico Cabiddu wrote:
> looking at the trace, it seems to me that the 407 is not sent by 
> Kamailio but by the FS1 server ("User-Agent: IMX" in the 407, as for 
> the 1st 407 sent by FS2), and that you are probably missing in the 
> trace the messages between Kamailio and FS1.
This shouldn't be the case as the tcpdump was executed on that server 
itself, but it seems plausible (perhaps lo -vs- ethX).
> - disable the authentication in freeswitch if you don't need it
Unfortunately necessary until we transition to Kamailio performing the 
> - store the custom header when receiving the 302 and use it to set $du 
> upon receiving the 2nd INVITE
> For the latter you can have several solutions, I suggest you to have a 
> a look at the htable module. For example you could use it to store the 
> key USERID::CALLID with the value of your custom header and retrieve 
> it when you receive the authenticated INVITE from the client. 
> Something like
> sht(TABLE_NAME=>$fU::$ci) = $avp(imx-redirect);
> to store it, and then
> $avp(imx-redirect) = sht(TABLE_NAME=>$fU::$ci);
This is very useful, thank you. I'll investigate this option.


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