[SR-Users] NO_DTLS_FINGERPRINT when calling from webrtc to webrtc client

Paweł Sternal sternik at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 20:30:19 CEST 2014

Hi. Another topic about WebRTC, websockets with kamailio and rtpengine ;-)

My problem is how to distinguish a call to WS UAC and how to SIP UAC in 

1) WS client1 -> WS kamailio -> SIP kamailio -> SIP UAC

2) WS client1 -> WS kamailio -> SIP kamailio -> WS kamailio -> WS client2

WS kamailio is a proxy, SIP kamailio is a registrar

When "WS client1" is calling to "123123" WS kamailio doesn't know if 
"123123" was registered from "WS client2" or from SIP UAC.

I have in this case rtpengine_manage("....... RTP/AVP"), but when INVITE 
is returned to WS kamailio? RTP/SAVPF?

Probably it is obvious, however...

When WS client2 reply with 200OK, rtpengine_manage("..... ICE=force") to 
WS client1 SDP is sent without a:fingerprint. sipml5 dumps warning:

message: "Could not negotiate answer SDP; cause = NO_DTLS_FINGERPRINT

I tried different combinations... and I'm stuck :/


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