[SR-Users] Kamailio Installaton compatibility with ARM9 Architecture

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 18:23:57 CEST 2014


On 10/09/14 09:08, Nandini madhu wrote:
> Dear all,
> Greetings.
> We need to install Kamailio server in ARM9 architecture based system 
> (Example: Xilinx XC7Z045-2FFG676I FPGA board).
> Pleasse suggest me that, is there any possibility of installing 
> Kamailio in ARM9 architecture based systems.
I don't have any experience with that specific board, but kamailio 
should compile on ARM (e.g., it compiles on raspbery pi, which has 
arm11). You should try with a common linux distribution (e.g., debian) 
and report any compile issues that you may have.

Here is a tutorial about installing kamailio from sources:
- http://www.kamailio.org/wiki/install/4.1.x/git


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