[SR-Users] dialog match on loop back

Kelvin Chua kelchy at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 14:41:21 CEST 2014

hi guys,

i'm running out of ideas
i have a situation where I need to generate 2 sets of entries INVITE,BYE in
acc (acc_db_request won't cut it)
it's when a DID should be redirected to a user outside my domain, I need to
generate a cdr for DID and another CDR for the outbound call.

what i am trying to do is loop it back to itself before routing it out.
the idea is kamailio assigns the DID call to a dialog. then the outbound
call will be assigned to a separate dialog after it receives the loopback.
this is not happening since the from_tag, to_tag and the callid are all the
kamailio treats this call as just 1, not 2.

is there any ideas out there to work around this scenario?

Kelvin Chua
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