[SR-Users] WebRTC + Kamailio as SIP-proxy + rtpproxy(?) as media-proxy

Rahul MathuR rahul.ultimate at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 20:23:41 CET 2014


I'm new to WebRTC although I've been using kamailio as sip proxy server for
few months now. What I really do not know and trying to understand is -

a) Can kamailio be used as sip-proxy while using WebRTC based UA calling to
plain UAC/WebRTC based UAC ?

b) What to use for media proxying (this really baffles me..) rtpproxy or
rtpengine (?) or mediaproxy or rtpproxy-ng ? Is there any relation between
them anywhere?

c) I am not behind NAT and do not want secure web-sockets, so any sample
config I can refer to ?

d) Most likely, I'd be dealing with WebRTC <----->kamailio <------->
Freeswitch, but any pointers for WebRTC UAC to WebRTC based UAC or normal
UAC would really be helpful.

Kindly accept my thanks in advance for this !!

Warm Regds.
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