[SR-Users] Help with load balancing Kamalio based on DNS

Veerabhara Gundu gveerab at gmail.com
Wed May 28 08:46:28 CEST 2014

Hi All,

This question might have addressed, but not able to find correct answer in
archives and I have spent enough time, so posting here.

I want to load balance between 2-3 kamailio servers based on DNS, I don't
need to worry about media just trying IM with SIP messages.

Configured two servers with same domain alias(example.com) and able to send
messages between users registered to one Node. But when i tried to send
messages between users registered to two different servers, messages are
not getting routed properly. When  Server A tried to reach user registered
to Server:B directly, firewall is not allowing. Tried to route message to
correct proxy  based on the socket details in Loctaion table, but not able
to read socket details from location table, I am getting always NULL.

I am sure,I  am doing something wrong with configuration, but not sure and
also not able to find example for this on Kamailio website. I am attaching
my configuration, appreciate any help.

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