[SR-Users] Kamailio and MSILO with TLS AORs

Roberto Fichera kernel at tekno-soft.it
Tue May 27 09:15:52 CEST 2014

On 05/27/2014 08:37 AM, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
> Hello,


> you can re-use the lib/kcore/faked_msg.{c,h} in your code, same being done by many event routes. Alternative is to
> build it yourself from the outgoing buffer, which is in transaction structure, inside the uac field (see tm_cell_t
> structure).

Thanks! I'll have a look.

> Easier might be to run this event route with the response sip msg structure -- if you run it only when 200ok is
> received, the callback from tm has the response structure.

Yep! The idea is to run it only when a 200 is received and to populate all the pseudo-variable
with all fields of the delivered message. About the response structure from tm callback, do you
mean the cell or tmcb_params?

Roberto Fichera.

> Cheers,
> Daniel
> On 26/05/14 16:46, Roberto Fichera wrote:
>> On 05/26/2014 01:04 PM, Roberto Fichera wrote:
>> Ciao,
>>> [...]
>>>>>> On 26/05/14 12:13, Roberto Fichera wrote:
>>>>>>> On 05/26/2014 12:03 PM, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>> Ciao!
>>>>>>>> good that you sent a reminder -- I checked while offline traveling, but then forgot to follow up.
>>>>>>>> I expect that ps->req is null in this case, because there is no request received by kamailio. That results in
>>>>>>>> xlog not doing anything.
>>>>>>>> In other words, I expect the event route being executed, just the action inside is doesn't do anything in this
>>>>>>>> case.
>>>>>>> Does this mean that I'll have to set a "faked" ps->req in order to get the event route executed?
>>>>>> that's the safe way. The event route is executed, but many functions that you can use inside config routing
>>>>>> blocks require a non-null sip message structure. It is the case of xlog() for example, which simply returns -1 if
>>>>>> request is null.
>>>>> Ok! Can you suggest the safest and reasonable way to setup the request for this case?
>>>> Ah! No! Wait! The event route is executed within a tm callback via tmb.t_request() so I'd expect a valid ps->req,
>>>> don't you think so?
>>> I've found how to change the code ... just testing the logic. I'll get back to you in case.
>> After a while I've found that I can pass a request using the uac_r.cbp field, so I've fixed the callback
>> to use the passed fields instead a straight int (previously mid==message id) but I'm not sure how to
>> build a fake sip_msg request regarding the given msilo dumped msg, could you please give me a
>> tips how to do so?
>> Cheers,
>> Roberto Fichera.

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