[SR-Users] Issues after upgrade

Daniel W. Graham dan at cmsinter.net
Fri May 23 20:21:23 CEST 2014

I recently upgraded to 4.0.6 from an older 4.0.x version using GIT, since then I have had several functions stop working. Here is one example:

I have a UA that is not in the location table, when calling I get the following output as a result of my xlog statements - (xlog statements added for troubleshooting)

INFO: xlog: 506:5d4d339e5a0fcb2d1ce245cb1c07bb71: Location not found for user-x
INFO: xlog: 524:5d4d339e5a0fcb2d1ce245cb1c07bb71: no match

if (!lookup("location")) {
                xlogl("L_INFO", "$ci : Location not found for $rU\n");
                $var(rc) = $rc;
                switch ($var(rc)) {
                        case -1:
                                xlogl("L_INFO", "$ci : case -1\n");
                                send_reply("480", "Temporarily Unavailable");
                        case -2:
                                xlogl("L_INFO", "$ci : case -2\n");
                                send_reply("405", "Method Not Allowed");
                        case -3:
                                xlogl("L_INFO", "$ci : case -3\n");
                                sl_send_reply("500", "Server Internal Error");
xlogl("L_INFO", "$ci : no match\n");

This worked previous to the upgrade, it should match case -1 but doesn't. Any direction is appreciated.



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