[SR-Users] Rtpproxy ptime in ringing inject

Grygoriy Dobrovolskyy greg at cnsi.fr
Mon May 19 10:40:09 CEST 2014

Hello list, a long time ago i have build and application which injects 
ringing from rtpproxy to the client, while i am trying to reach his 
The commande looks like this (log)

May 19 10:17:44 rtpproxy[2529]: DBUG:handle_command: received command 
"29304_278705 P-1 B2B.256.470174 /usr/local/src/rtpproxy/sounds/ring 
session d20fbd749deed7e1f54460af276dee6d-0ead;1 "
May 19 10:17:44 rtpproxy[2529]: INFO:handle_play: -1 times playing 
prompt /usr/local/src/rtpproxy/sounds/ring codec 8
May 19 10:17:44 rtpproxy[2529]: DBUG:doreply: sending reply 
"29304_278705 0#012"

Everything works fine, a long time ago i have modded the rtpproxy a bit 
so when he sends the audio, he sends it with 20ms ptime instead of 
default 10ms, and i have totally forgot where is that part, i am digging 
into sources and not able to find it.

Dear list if somebody remembers where is this damn setting in sources, i 
would be glad to hear from you.

Thank you

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