[SR-Users] RTP ports

Neville D'Souza ncd at gogopay.com
Tue May 13 13:39:53 CEST 2014

HI ,


How do I find out which udp ports my kamailio server is using. In
Kamailio.cfg I am using socket like below.


#!ifdef WITH_NAT

# ----- rtpproxy params -----

#modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpproxy_sock", "udp:")

modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpproxy_sock",


I need to know the exact port range to open ports on my firewall if
necessary. Our Kamailio server works just fine outside our network, but when
I try to make calls through linphone client using a android device inside
our network, as soon as I pick up the call it gets disconnected. The same
thing happens when someone from outside tries to call in to our network.
Funny part is when I use a desktop client like jitsi the calls between 2
users in the network or with someone outside the network work fine. I am
guessing the rtp traffic is being dropped by the firewall when using
linphone android client. It was working fine previously but after a firewall
OS update it stopped working.


Best Regards,


Neville D'Souza


Network Administrator




Gogopay Online Pvt Ltd.

India  +91 832 222 0119

ncd at gogopay.com




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