[SR-Users] Starting Kamailio with init script

Moritz Graf moritz.graf at g-fit.de
Thu May 8 17:35:18 CEST 2014


start kamailio with initscript:
/etc/init.d/kamailio start

Different behaviour with different starting methods might be due to
different configs that are used for starting.

Start kamailio each way and do a 'ps aux | grep kamailio'. Then compare
or post here.


Am 08.05.2014 14:46, schrieb VOIP Tests:
> Hello, can someone let me know how I can start Kamailio with the init
> script? In the /etc/default/kamailio file I have commented
> out RUN_KAMAILIO=yes, this starts  Kamailio but my phones do not
> register. If I stop the init script and start kamailio with kamctl then
> my phones register, what am I doing wrong here? 
> Also, if my understanding is correct, if I start Kamailio with the init
> script I should not start kamailio with kamctl, in that case how do I
> run the kamctl commands, for eg like kamctl ul show ?
> Thanks for the help.
> Arun


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