[SR-Users] issue with usr_loc db_mode

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu May 8 09:00:23 CEST 2014


any db_mode>0 in 3.3 is safe for not losing registrations upon kamailio 
restart (e.g., db_mode=2 writes to db on time and at shutdown, so 
nothing is lost as well). db_mode=1 should do that in realtime, indeed.

I'm not aware of any issue with db_mode=1, being used in quite some 
deployments. Can you check the syslog to see if there is any error 
reported there?

If you use mysql, then you can enable logging the queries and then check 
if for each registration there is a mysql query to insert/update/delete 
a record.


On 08/05/14 00:08, Henry Fernandes wrote:
> I'm using Kamailio 3.3 and the USRLOC module to track registrations.  I have set "db_mode" to 1 because I want to store all registration info to the database and I want the database to be up to date (in case I need to restart Kamailio).
> Unfortunately, this doesn't work as I expect.  When I query the database, it has far fewer entries in the "location" table than are registered to Kamailio (which I find with a "kamctl ul show").  Also, when I restart Kamailio, I lose some of the registrations for my phones.
> Am I misunderstanding the behaviour for db_mode=1?  Isn't it supposed to keep the database up to date?
> -H
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