[SR-Users] Problem with rtpproxy and rtpproxy_manage()

aft aftnix at gmail.com
Wed May 7 08:34:22 CEST 2014


I'm using kamailio from latest git-HEAD. The rtpproxy i'm using also
from latest git.

Our network topology is following :


Because of saving bandwidth we need to use the "re-packetization"
feature of rtpproxy.

When we don't use it, it works perfectly without any glitches.

Now if we use the repacketization feature like following :

 if (is_request()) {
        if (is_reply()) {

Then a bizzare thing happens. Suddenly rtp packets from gateway stops
coming. So we don't have any voice in softphone, although everything
seems ok at the "mobile phone's end."

This is bizzare at multiple levels, as you can see we are using
repacketize feature to increase the payload size from "proxy to
softphone" leg. So we actually don't touch the packets from "softphone
to proxy" leg. So how the gateway predicts this and decides not to
send packets is beyond my understanding.

As far as i can understand, rtpproxy_manage() is doing something to
SDP which makes it impossible to send packets through the proxy.

I will provide further information if anybody wants to look at it.

Thanks in advance.


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