[SR-Users] n00b question -- RADIUS authentication.

Måns Nilsson mansaxel at besserwisser.org
Mon May 5 15:33:22 CEST 2014

Subject: Re: [SR-Users] n00b question -- RADIUS authentication. Date: Mon, May 05, 2014 at 12:09:54PM +0200 Quoting Daniel-Constantin Mierla (miconda at gmail.com):
> Hello,
> you should just use www_challenge() to send back the 401 response.
> Here is a old tutorial, from the time when the project was named
> openser, but could be a good reading anyhow:
> - http://www.kamailio.org/docs/openser-radius-1.0.x.html
> The authentication part is pretty much the same.

And the error too -- exactly the same symptoms are produced. 

I also tried with another setup; 

	if (is_method("REGISTER") )
        	# authenticate requests
		xlog("L_INFO", "authenticate [$fd]\n");
		### RADIUS ### 
			proxy_challenge("$fd", "1");
         	# user authenticated - remove auth header

This produces a 407 error; but other than that, things are identical. 

The core question is why the positive reply from the RADIUS server isn't
accepted as such. (could this be a problem with the dictionary?)

Stumblingly grateful,
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