[SR-Users] Frequent Crash in Kamailio 4.1.3 in the file data_lump.c see gdb backtrace in mail

varun pratapsingh varunps2003 at gmail.com
Fri May 2 18:22:17 CEST 2014

HI All/ Daniel,

According to the recommendation I have migrated my Kamailio 4.1.2 to the
Kamailio 4.1.3. But very frequent crashes are coming in Kamailio 4.1.3
which was not coming on the 4.1.2. The gdb backtrace of the crash is below:

I have seen many crashes in couple of days but the "data_lump.c: No such
file or directory" this line is coming in every crash. I think every time
it crashes in the same file and same function somewhere else.

GDB Backtrace:

Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.

#0  0x080791c5 in count_applied_lumps (ll=0xb74f9898, type=10)

    at data_lump.c:702

702     data_lump.c: No such file or directory.

        in data_lump.c

Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install

(gdb) where

#0  0x080791c5 in count_applied_lumps (ll=0xb74f9898, type=10)

    at data_lump.c:702

#1  0x00141392 in add_uac (t=0xb5688bc8, request=0xb7506288, uri=0xb75062ac,

    next_hop=0xb75062ac, path=0xb7506604, proxy=0x0, fsocket=0x0,

    snd_flags=..., proto=0, flags=2, instance=0xb750660c, ruid=0xb7506618,

    location_ua=0xb7506620) at t_fwd.c:855

#2  0x001459a1 in t_forward_nonack (t=0xb5688bc8, p_msg=0xb7506288,

    proto=0) at t_fwd.c:1721

#3  0x00139a3a in t_relay_to (p_msg=0xb7506288, proxy=0x0, proto=0,

    replicate=0) at t_funcs.c:354

#4  0x0015d9d3 in _w_t_relay_to (p_msg=0xb7506288, proxy=0x0, force_proto=0)

    at tm.c:1515

#5  0x0015e41e in w_t_relay (p_msg=0xb7506288, _foo=0x0, _bar=0x0) at

#6  0x0805d400 in do_action (h=0xbf849ba0, a=0xb74e5194, msg=0xb7506288)

    at action.c:1099

#7  0x08064dd9 in run_actions (h=0xbf849ba0, a=0xb74e5194, msg=0xb7506288)

    at action.c:1599

#8  0x08065429 in run_actions_safe (h=0xbf84ae9c, a=0xb74e5194,

    at action.c:1664

#9  0x080ff0c4 in rval_get_int (h=0xbf84ae9c, msg=0xb7506288, i=0xbf849f18,

    rv=0xb74e53ac, cache=0x0) at rvalue.c:924

#10 0x08101a48 in rval_expr_eval_int (h=0xbf84ae9c, msg=0xb7506288,

    res=0xbf849f18, rve=0xb74e53a8) at rvalue.c:1918

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