[SR-Users] understanding the sqlops module and kamailio children.

Uri Shacked ushacked at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 17:57:37 CET 2014


Lately i am experiencing some issues with the sqlops module.

let's say, for example, that i use sqlops to query some information about
the subscriber when an INVITE arrives.

I use kamailio 3.3.2, MySQL 5.6 and the DB server is remote and not local.

Usually, the DB result is very fast and the call continues. But, when the
DB is unavailable, or slow, the result is delayed or lost.

In this case:

1. What is the query time out in kamailio?

2. If the database is available but slow, does it mean that no new INVITE
will be dealt by the current child process until the sqlops is gone?

3. does anyone has a good  idea for managing sqlops in a call?


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