[SR-Users] Need an explanation of the contents of the LCR gw_uri_avp for replacement I am making to some of the functionality of the LCR module

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Tue Apr 29 18:06:43 CEST 2014

Will Ferrer writes:

> gw_index | scheme | strip | prefix | tag | ip_addr | hostname | port |
> params | transport | flags
> Most of these things are clearly retrievable from the DB (just look at the
> lcr_gw table and you will see the values there) but I found 2 things worthy
> of note:
> 1) gw_index: this seems that it can be any number that is unique inside the
> avp, when I tried reconstructing this avp I used just 1 and 2 for my test
> entries and this worked.

gw_index is index of the gateway in internal table that contains matched
gws after load_gw() call.

> 2) ip_addr: There is some interesting munging that happens with in the c
> code to encode this value, however I found that when I over wrote the
> values of the avp manually I didn't need to do the munging -- just putting
> an ip address in this space worked fine.

ip_addr string is produced for ipv4 like this:

string = int2str(ip_addr->u.addr32[0], &len);

-- juha

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