[SR-Users] kamctl not connect to dbserver

Юрий Горличенко gorlichenko_uv at inbox.ru
Mon Apr 28 20:05:07 CEST 2014

 Hello. I started configure Kamailio 3.3 server with mysql database, that running on the remote server. I customise settings at kamailio.cfg (for BDURL) and kamctlc file (for my db - changed user, password, dbhost and other settings, such as dbengine and etc.) Now, when I tried add new subscriber from kamctl util (kamctl add newuser at kamailioIP passwd). I see "access denied for <myuser>@<interface of kamailio server>", But as I aleady says  I configured filew with other settings for db server.     Where I must configure ip of dbhost to connect kamctl to my dbserver?

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