[SR-Users] Presence request authentication

Muhammad Shahzad shaheryarkh at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 11:48:36 CEST 2014


I have a complex setup consisting of two sip server, lets call them main
server and presence server.

The main server manages SIP register, calls, messages and so, however it
does not support presence at all. It returns SIP response "405 Method Not

The presence server is a Kamailio server, which unfortunately has no access
to SIP subscriber database (so it can not do authentication), however it
has access to User Location database.

Now at presence server i want to put some kind of security for presence
requests, since i can't do authentication, so i was thinking if i can
verify if request has come from a location registered in location db. I
found method "registered" in registrar module but unfortunately it checks
if R-URI or any given URI is registered, while i want to do check against
"received" address or contact address.

Can you guys suggest any easy way to do it? I am thinking about using
"reg_fetch_contacts" but not sure if it can serve the purpose.

Thank you.
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