[SR-Users] Need an explanation of the contents of the LCR gw_uri_avp for replacement I am making to some of the functionality of the LCR module

Will Ferrer will.ferrer at switchsoft.com
Sun Apr 27 02:01:06 CEST 2014


I am working on replacing the functionality of the load_gws LCR function
call in our application.

I have found you can overwrite the contents of the gw_uri_avp (default:
$avp(i:709)) substitute this function call. However I am a bit unclear
about what goes in this avp. I was wondering if any one knew of a place I
could find this information.

The contents of the avp is an list whose entries look something like this
:"2|1|0|||258722358||5060||1|1". The values separated by the | are likely
values from the database, and some of them are obvious (like the port and
the prefix), but others are not. In particular the longer number baffles
me, it's not the ip of the gateway from the lcr_gw table, unless it is but
has been altered in some way.

Any advice any one has for me would be greatly appreciated.

All the best

Will Ferrer

Switchsoft LLC
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