[SR-Users] RTPProxy and premature RTP

Daniel Tryba daniel at pocos.nl
Wed Apr 23 13:36:36 CEST 2014

I'm having some troubles with a provider sending RTP before a 183 Session 
Progress or 200 OK (I see up to 1s of rtp prematurely). The machine is running 
rtpproxy and apparently rtpproxy buffers these rtp packets and flushed them in 
one burst when the 183/200 arrive, this creates havock in some endpoints but 
is undesirable in all cases IMHO if the delay of the 182/200 is to high 

Is there a way to control buffering/flushing from kamailio? Is rebuilding 
rtpproxy with a smaller buffer an option? Or should I switch to an other proxy 
module? Any thoughts about this subject (apart from getting the provider to 
stop sending premature rtp)?


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