[SR-Users] Loadbalancer/dispatcher with dialog/cnxcc

Oliver Roth oliver.roth at triotel.ch
Wed Apr 23 10:09:55 CEST 2014

Hi all

Following situation

1 dispatcher/loadbalancer getting all the inbound traffic and sending it to 3 different gateway (round robin).
The loadbalancer has no (or even very few) business logic.
Just "in" - split to different gateway - "out"

3 sip gateway doing all the business logic like auth, modifications on header, different checks, ...
These 3 gateways use the same database (cluster) with routing tables and so on.
A call gets terminated to a carrier through these sip gateway.

Now I would like to implement call limiting (no of calls) by using either only dialog module or cnxcc module based on "source ip" or later on "cli".

My problem:
A call from one source ip can be sent to the (3) different sip gateway - so not all calls are processed by the same sip gateway.
How can I ensure, that only a certain number of calls are allowed - even if they are split up on the 3 different gateway?

Or do I need to implement this kind of business logic on the dispatcher/loadbalancer?
That would not make much sense, because this is just a "stupid" machine...

Thanks for helping
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