[SR-Users] event_route[tm:branch-failure] question

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Thu Apr 17 16:07:47 CEST 2014

Daniel-Constantin Mierla writes:

> Can you print also the htable key to see which of its values are not 
> set? Like:
> xlog("key is: t=>$T(id_label)::$T(id_index)::$T(branch_index)::ru\n");
> in both places.

Apr 17 17:06:23 siika /usr/sbin/sip-proxy[5957]: INFO: Key in branch route is: t=>84813434::63952::1::ru
Apr 17 17:06:23 siika /usr/sbin/sip-proxy[5957]: INFO: Set htable value <sip:jh at;transport=tcp>
Apr 17 17:06:23 siika /usr/sbin/sip-proxy[5957]: INFO: Key in branch-failure is: t=>84813434::63952::-1::ru

so looks like $T(branch_index) is not properly set in branch-failure route.

-- juha

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