[SR-Users] Custom fr timer for dialog's OPTIONS keep alives

Vassilis Radis radisb at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 13:33:57 CEST 2014

Hello, I would like to try customizing the fr_timer for the OPTIONS
keep-alive msgs transactions that the dialog module sends. I tried to call
t_set_fr() function from inside the dialog modules's code (in
dlg_req_within.c , in dlg_send_ka() function after the call to d_tmb.
But it seems that this tm function is not available from inside other
module's code.

Is the above is the correct place to try and do it, and how can I
programmatically ,inside a module's code, adjust fr_timer?

On a side note, i followed the call flow from dlg_send_ka() down to the
t_uac_prepare() function of tm module, where the fr_timer is set. In there,
there is this comment+code:

/* init timers hack, new_cell->fr_timer and new_cell->fr_inv_timer
	 * must be set, or else the fr will happen immediately
	 * we can't call init_new_t() because we don't have a sip msg
	 * => we'll ignore t_set_fr() or avp timer value and will use directly the
	 * module params fr_inv_timer and fr_timer -- andrei */
	new_cell->fr_timeout=cfg_get(tm, tm_cfg, fr_timeout);
	new_cell->fr_inv_timeout=cfg_get(tm, tm_cfg, fr_inv_timeout);

Does this mean that it cant be done in a straighforward way?
Any advice on how I can achieve the customized fr_timers for those messages?

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