[SR-Users] event_route[tm:branch-failure] question

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Mon Apr 14 12:45:34 CEST 2014

Daniel-Constantin Mierla writes:

> The fix (or a new option to run if the current behavior was wanted by 
> developer) is to run branch-failure with the attributes from outgoing 
> request of the branch (not the incoming request, as it is now).

i got it now.  in my opinion, attributes of branch-failure route should
match those of the branch.  could you hugh as author of branch-failure
route comment on this?

also, when append_branch() is executed in branch-failure route, are all
attributes (dst_uri, flags, send_socket, etc) of the branch included in
the new branch?

-- juha

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