[SR-Users] Load fr_inv_timer from DB

Igor Potjevlesch igor.potjevlesch at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 17:47:37 CEST 2014



I try to set the "fr_inv_timer" dynamically from DB. Under 60s it works
fine. But I can't set more than 60s.

Here are the TM parameters:


# ----- tm params -----

# auto-discard branches from previous serial forking leg

modparam("tm", "failure_reply_mode", 3)

# default retransmission timeout: 30sec

modparam("tm", "fr_timer", 5000)

# default invite retransmission timeout after 1xx: 120sec

modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer", 60000)


Here are the instructions to set dynamically:


avp_db_load("$ruri/username", "$avp(s:inv_timeout)/usr_timeout");



Is there anything wrong?






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