[SR-Users] Kamailio with rtpproxy-ng and mediaproxy-ng: Error rewriting SDP

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Thu Apr 10 15:48:40 CEST 2014

On 04/10/14 09:26, Olli Heiskanen wrote:
> Hello,
> After some tests, I'm still having some strange results. 
> When calling from ws client to grandstream, I get the below output to
> /var/log/messages.
> In a sip trace after 488 there are only INVITEs from kamailio server to
> grandstream but no responses come back to kamailio server. 
> I haven't changed any other configurations, kamailio or otherwise. I run
> the rtpengine like this:
> /usr/sbin/rtpengine --table=0 --ip= --listen-udp=
> <> --listen-ng=
> <> --tos=184 --pidfile=/var/run/rtpengine.pid
> (where is my kamailio server ip)
> How do I work out the problem from here? Please let me know if you need
> any further info or logs and I'll dig those out.

Unfortunately the log lines are cut off and don't include the entire
command packet to rtpengine, but my guess is that you omitted the ICE
handling parameter, which (as of a few days ago) forces rtpengine into
passthrough mode, which means that most of the RTP/SAVPF attributes are
left in place. My guess is that this confuses the grandstream.

You should use either ICE=force or ICE=remove (formerly "+" or "-"
flags) to make sure rtpengine is actually able to bridge between the
protocols. You should also add the "rtcp-mux-demux" flag (through
rtpengine module) in case the grandstream gets confused by rtcp-mux
being offered.

With those two in place, the resulting RTP/AVP SDP should be very small
and clean.


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