[SR-Users] Segfault when trying to send MESSAGE through websocket with jsSIP

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at palosanto.com
Thu Apr 10 00:30:47 CEST 2014

El 09/04/14 16:17, Daniel-Constantin Mierla escribió:
> The crash was not related to websocket at all, but to usage of uac_reg_lookup() when you don't set reg_db_url parameter for uac module.
> So, my question is why are you using uac_reg_lookup()? Because it is useless if you dont set reg_db_url and you don't have records in uacreg database table. This function is related to the feature of kamailio to send register to another sip server with a 
> contact address pointing back to kamailio.
> To summarize on another words, the crash happened because the kamailio.cfg didn't have set the expected uac module parameters by uac_reg_lookup() function.
I was using uac_reg_lookup() without reg_db_url because it appeared to be performing the same job as a pair of uac_restore_from() and uac_restore_to(). I have made corresponding fixes in my configuration file.

However, the previously mentioned issue of abrupt disconnection persists. I get this in the logfiles:

Apr  9 17:22:23 elx3 /usr/sbin/kamailio[8573]: WARNING: websocket [ws_frame.c:868]: ws_keepalive(): forcibly closing connection

At the same time, I get the following sequence of javascript messages in the Firefox browser:

JsSIP | TRANSPORT | WebSocket disconnected (code: 1006)
jssip-0.3.0.js (línea 610)
JsSIP | TRANSPORT | WebSocket abrupt disconnection
jssip-0.3.0.js (línea 613)
JsSIP | UA | connection state set to 1
jssip-0.3.0.js (línea 5236)
JsSIP | TRANSACTION | transport error occurred, deleting non-INVITE client transaction z9hG4bK3602966
jssip-0.3.0.js (línea 1839)
JsSIP | EVENT EMITTER | emitting event registrationFailed
jssip-0.3.0.js (línea 187)

SIP registration error:
Connection Error

uf.js (línea 569)

The code in uf.js retries the connection, but eventually it times out again.

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