[SR-Users] ldap SSL

Slava Bendersky volga629 at networklab.ca
Mon Apr 7 19:57:53 CEST 2014

Hello Everyone, 
How I can specify ldap CA cert in ldap configuration ? 

The directive ca_list bellow is ignored. 

[07/Apr/2014:13:40:37 -0400] conn=20 op=-1 fd=70 closed - Peer does not recognize and trust the CA that issued your certificate. 
[07/Apr/2014:13:40:37 -0400] conn=22 op=-1 fd=64 closed - Encountered end of file. 

Current config 

ldap_server_url = "ldaps://ds389.network.com" 
ldap_bind_dn = "uid=adm,ou=People,dc=network,dc=com" 
ldap_bind_password = "password" 
authtype = simple 
tls = on 
ca_list = /etc/kamailio/cert/ca-cert_ldap.pem 

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