[SR-Users] Dialog: Keep-alive issue:

Vassilis Radis radisb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:43:30 CEST 2014


I am trying to use the dialog module for dealing with some cases where
clients do not send BYE messages correctly and just disappear. For this
reason i use the ka_timer and ka_interval along with ka-dst and ka-src
attributes. I am using the master branch. I have setup the following test:
I have setup a sipp instance as a callee uas configured to discard OPTIONS
messages. Kamailio serves as a proxy between this sipp instance and a VoIP
device registered to kamailio. Kamailio is also configured to send every
call to the sipp uas with stateful proxing and dialog support:

CALLER ------> KAMAILIO ----->  CALLEE (sipp / ignores OPTIONS msg)

I have the following issue:

1. Dialog does send the OPTIONS messages to caller and callee, and as
expected, only the caller responds (with a 200 OK response). But the dialog
module never terminates the dialog as it should (because the callee never
responds to the OPTIONS msg). Instead it keeps sending those OPTIONS for
ever. It is like there is no timer entry in the timer list for those
OPTIONS. I looked a bit in the source code and I am trying to find where a
timeout for those keep alives is a)set and b)handled . I see that the
dlg_timer_routine is called every second but after turning debugging on, i
see that the only timer reported is the default timeout for the call which
i ve set to 3600 secs in the module parameters.

Any insight or advice?

Thanks a lot.
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