[SR-Users] dispatcher: what is the syntax for dispatcher list file

Karimi-Cherkandi, Bizhan bizhan.karimi-cherkandi at siemens-enterprise.com
Fri Sep 27 16:57:55 CEST 2013

I am not using DB, so I am writing my dispatcher list file manually like below:
0 sip:;transport=udp A 1 bijan=zxy;td=1
0 sip:;transport=tcp A 2 bijan=xyz;td=1

But kamailio does not interpret flags and priority as I hoped. What would be correct syntax for writing flag and priority in the dispatcher list file?

entering fifo_cmd ds_list
SET_NO:: 2
SET:: 1
        URI:: sip:;transport=udp flag=A priority=0 attrs=A
SET:: 0
        URI:: sip:;transport=tcp flag=A priority=0 attrs=A
        URI:: sip:;transport=udp flag=A priority=0 attrs=A
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