[SR-Users] Registering "upstream" with the uac module, but with authentication

Steve Davies steve at connection-telecom.com
Mon Sep 16 18:08:33 CEST 2013


I'm making slow but steady progress with my Kamailio project.

My next task: I need to "relay" a registration to an upstream service.  IE
when one or more devices registers against my local registration service, I
need to initiate a corresponding registration upstream.  If all my local
devices unregister, all all the registrations lapse, I want to drop the
upstream registration.

There is an example a bit like this in the Asterisk integration example.
 However in that case the Asterisk doesn't challenge for authentication.
 My upstream does.

I can't find anything in the uac module docs about authenticating.

Is there any way to handle this.

One thing I did try was to create "uacreg" as a view, and use that as the
source of upstream registrations:

CREATE VIEW `uacreg` AS select distinct `s`.`id` AS `id`,`l`.`username` AS
`l_uuid`,`l`.`username` AS `l_username`,`s`.`domain` AS
`l_domain`,`l`.`username` AS `r_username`,`s`.`domain` AS
`r_domain`,`s`.`domain` AS `realm`,`l`.`username` AS
`auth_username`,`s`.`password` AS
`auth_password`,concat('sip:',`s`.`domain`,':5060') AS
`auth_proxy`,timestampdiff(SECOND,now(),`l`.`expires`) AS `expires` from
(`location` `l` join `subscriber` `s`) where (`l`.`username` =

This kinda worked - but didn't quite track the registration status.  Do you
think this idea has promise?  Maybe something similar that works using
triggers rather than a straight view might work better?


Steve Davies: Technical Director, Connection Telecom (Pty) Ltd
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