[SR-Users] dialog save/restore

Victor V. Kustov coyote at bks.tv
Tue Sep 10 15:11:26 CEST 2013

Hi, Daniel-Constantin!

I think need shared dialogs database. I see three way's to do this:
- use database and write function dialog_read_db() for reading dialogs
  from DB. Master will write dialogs in DB, someway DB replicate to
  slave, slave will use dialog_read_db() for sync dialogs with master.
- use htable and write replication mechanism htable(master)->htable(slave)
  this promise be faster than prevous, but require implement
  replication. by the way, htable replication may be useful not for
  dialogs only.
- use memcached. need declared memcached "clustering" (see "At the
  moment only one server is supported." in doc) and
  read_from_memcache() to memory (for dialogs but maybe not only)
  memcached will faster than any DB, I think.
Which way your advise?

 WBR, Victor
  JID: coyote at bks.tv
  JID: coyote at bryansktel.ru
  I use FREE operation system: 3.10.10-calculate GNU/Linux

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