[SR-Users] How to stop NOTIFY from being sent to stable location entries on unreliable network?

Yufei Tao yufei.tao at redembedded.com
Thu Sep 5 12:47:23 CEST 2013


I'm using presence on Kamailio 4.0.3. I have in the cfg file:
modparam("presence", "timeout_rm_subs", 0) to cope with unreliable
networks. I have tried setting it to 1, but I saw sometimes server and
client got out of sync, i.e. server removed active_watcher entries when
NOTIFYs time out, while clients still thought the SUBSCRIBE dialogs are

Now I have a problem when client re-registers with different local
IP/port (e.g. changing between wifi and ethernet, or simply crashed and
rebooted), and sends new REGISTER and SUBSCRIBEs using the new local
IP/port. In this case Kamailio still sends NOTIFYs to the old registered
IP:port (as well as to the new one). NOTIFYs to old IP:port last until
expiration it seems. Even though the stale location has been removed
from the location table.

I have a DB trigger to "SET expires=UNIX_TIMESTAMP()" to the
corresponding active_watchers entries as well, when contact is removed
from location table.

So the DB tables have been updated to contain only entries with client's
new IP:port, but it seems that the SUBSCRIBE dialogs are kept in the
memory until expiration, even though they have been expired in the
active_watchers table.

My question is: is there any ways that I can stop all the NOTIFY
messages from being sent to the stale locations, i.e. remove these
SUBSCRIBE dialogs from memory?

Thank you!
Yufei Tao
Red Embedded

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