[SR-Users] Auth credentials on ACK,

David K kamailio.org at spam.lublink.net
Thu Sep 5 02:44:36 CEST 2013


I am having difficulties with one of my SIP Trunk providers who insists 
that the dropped calls are my fault. Long story short, I send the final 
ACK for the INVITE 200 OK messages to the provider's SBC and 15% of the 
time the provider's SBC just drops the packet without any justification.

I read through RFC 3261 and as near as I can tell, my packets conform to 
RFC3261. The only thing that seems to not conform is in " 2xx 
Responses" paragraph 4, sentence 4. " The ACK MUST contain the same 
credentials as the INVITE."

I am using the UAC module to do authentification. How do I get UAC to 
add the same credentials to the ACK as it did to the INVITE ?

I am using Kamailio as a load balancer ( module dispatcher ).

Thanks in advance.


Here is my awesome failure route :

failure_route[FAIL_ONE] {
      if ( t_check_status("401|407") )
           if ( isflagset(11) )
                t_reply("503", "Authentication failed");
           if (uac_auth())


      if (t_is_canceled()) {
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