[SR-Users] Dialog profiles using $fU and $rU

Daniel W. Graham dan at cmsinter.net
Tue Oct 22 19:38:55 CEST 2013

Having an odd issue with dialog profiles, if I try to set/check profile based on $fU or $rU call is always rejected due to call limit, but $ru or $fu work without an issue.

Example using $fU-

$avp(s:checkuser) = $fU;


       avp_db_load("$avp(s:checkuser)/username", "$avp(s:callquota)");
       if ($avp(s:calls) <= $avp(s:callquota))

If I change checkuser to $avp(s:checkuser) = $fu; it returns the correct result.

Any explanation for why this is?

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