[SR-Users] plans for next major release

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 14:34:43 CET 2012


following the devel IRC meeting from last week, I am starting the 
discussion about the next major release planning.

There were two relevant options:
1) freeze by end of January (2013) and release by March
2) freeze by end of December (2012) and release by February

Many devels announced quite some work ahead, so the 1st option seemed 
not to be enough for finishing intended work, which may add some extra 
delays (several estimated to finish by end of February or March).

So the 2nd came into debate, to do an early release as many people 
seemed very interested in getting websockets support out in a stable 

Both of the options fit in our releasing policy (8 to 10 months), first 
one with potential to delays. We do have now lot of new stuff in devel 
branch, with other ongoing work planned to be pushed before end of year.

A suggestion was to do the following major release a bit shorter, if it 
proves to collect a lot of additions quickly -- maybe by summer 2013.

As not all devels were in the meeting, but also because it impacts the 
user community, I am looking to get some feedback on the mailing lists 
as well. That will allow to make the decision quicker based on showed 


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