[SR-Users] UAC and realm

Johan Wilfer lists at jttech.se
Tue Nov 20 11:08:12 CET 2012

2012-11-20 10:43, Olle E. Johansson skrev:
> 20 nov 2012 kl. 10:25 skrev Johan Wilfer <lists at jttech.se>:
>> I've done some tests with the UAC module to authenticate to a remote proxy. I've based my config on this example: http://docs.huihoo.com/opensips/tutorials/uac/ar01s06.html (example 9)
>> But as I would like to use more than one remote proxy (=more than one provider) per asterisk server this needs some more work.
> Use the realm based authentication in Asterisk. Trying to insert authentication into a dialog will propably cause issues (as documented in the UAC module).
> The other side seems to use the From: user domain as a realm. In Asterisk, you can set it with the fromdomain= variable.

Thanks Olle, I do appreciate the warning..

If I rewrite the from-domain with uac_replace_from this works, but the 
sip-standard forbids a proxy to do that if I recall correct?

We try to build a central point where our asterisk servers can get 
incoming and send outgoing calls to without having to care about number 
format, authentication and what gateway should we use.

The main reason of choosing kamailio was the factor of scalability as we 
would like to be able to add more asterisk's behind this server over 
time. Right now we have about 3 asterisk server communicating directly 
with our teleco's. Any suggestion how we should build this are very 

Johan Wilfer

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