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On 11/18/12 12:52 PM, Moacir Ferreira wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to figure out how much memory a Kamailio server should 
> have to support an X number of users, considering that I am running 
> Kamailio, MySQL and RTPproxy on the same machine. I am planning to use 
> Kamailio at medium/large enterprises, not at service providers but I 
> got the following questions:
> - Will Kamailio dynamically allocate the system memory it needs or I 
> have to tune up the memory it takes? I.e.: If I use 8G memory, will it 
> take what it needs or I need to adjust it somewhere?
> - How much memory is reasonable for 10K, 50K and 100K users in such 
> "enterprise" scenarios?
> - Can you reference any documentation from where I can get this 
> information?
Kamailio uses its own pool of memory that is specified at startup (-m 
and -M command line parameters, see 'man kamailio' or 'kamailio -h').

Usage of mysql or rtpproxy do not impact much what kamailio needs, with 
the higher subscribers number, perhaps you are fine with 2-4GB of shared 
memory (it can be ok even less, though) and 8MB of private memory. 
Shared memory needs are a matter of what caching modules you are using 
and number of records (usrloc and location records, tm and active 
transactions, dialog and active calls, mtree/lcr/... and afferent records).

You can watch how much memory is used simulating with sipp based on your 
config and adjust the values.


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