[SR-Users] Dispatcher question

Mino Haluz mino.haluz at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 17:28:17 CET 2012


I have simple dispatcher that is dispatching initial invites to the core
router. The question is, how can I tell kamailio to not add the Via header
in the INVITE. I mean, I want that this dispatcher will be completely
transparent to the core router, so any responses will go directly to the
original sender, not to the dispatcher. This is my request route:

request_route {

if (is_method("INVITE")) {
if (!ds_select_domain(1, 0)) {
xlog("L_INFO", "[MAIN] ERROR: Proxy1 failed");
     if (!ds_select_domain(2, 0)) {
xlog("L_INFO", "[MAIN] FATAL: Proxy2 failed");
xlog("L_INFO","[MAIN] Dispatching INVITE to $rd");

1 and 2 are defined in dispatcher.list. If it can be done in kamailio,
please how. Thank you!

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