[SR-Users] ERROR: presence not working correctly with Kamailio 3.3.2-1.1 and Postgresql 9.1

Robert Verspuy robert at exa.nl
Mon Nov 5 12:04:44 CET 2012

Hi All,

I've got a problem with Kamailio 3.3.2-1.1 on CentOS 6.3 with locally 
postgresql 8.4.13-1.el6_3 libraries, connected to a remote 
postgresql91-9.1.6-1PGDP.rhel6 server

The presence module tries to insert a record in the presentity table, 
with some xml in the body column.
But the body value in the postgresql table is not represented as a 
string '<?xml ...etc' But encodes as 

This gives problems when the presense module is trying to send out a 
notify based on the value in the database.
With debugging, this gives the error:
Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found

The \x in front of the hex encodes string is not properly interpreted by 
postgresql or kamailio.

The body column of the table presentity is a bytea column, and I believe 
postgresql 9 outputs these bytea columns a bit differently then 
postgresql 8.

When I try to run the sql statement:

insert into presentity 
(domain,username,event,etag,sender,body,received_time,expires ) values 
version=''1.0'' encoding=''UTF-',1343534532,1345213723)

On the postgresql 9.1 server locally, I still get the '\x3c3f786d6c... 
etc' value in the database.

The bytea_output setting in postgresql 9 is now standard set to 'hex' in 
stead of escape.

I've changed the bytea_output setting in postgresql.conf to 'escape', 
and then the presence is working without any issues.

So maybe the database module of postgresql has to be changed to pick up 
these bytea encodings properly?
Because i think kamailio should work correctly with the default 
postgresql settings.

With kind regards,
Robert Verspuy

Eenspan 8-K
3897 AL Zeewolde
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