[SR-Users] BYE Race Condition

Brandon Armstead brandon at cryy.com
Sat Jul 28 20:55:36 CEST 2012

*** Please forgive if this is a duplicate ***


   I am running into an issue where there is a race condition happening.  I
am looking for opinions / ideas on how to handle the following below


UAC places an outbound call -> upstream carrier.

The call is disconnected on both ends at the exact same time,

UAC -> sends BYE upstream

Upstream Carrier -> sends BYE downstream

Upstream 200 OK's the BYE

UAC sends 481 back to Upstream Carrier for their generated BYE.

The upstream carrier is complaining about receiving the relayed 481
responses -- so my first thought was simply to drop() these from relaying

I am curious how other people are handling this?

Would you suggest simply dropping the relay from being sent back upstream
on the 481?

Would you simply always 200 OK a downstream BYE from trusted carriers
regardless of UAC response, and create separate transaction to send BYE

Thank you as always.  Look forward to your thoughts / suggestions / ideas.

Brandon Armstead
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