[SR-Users] lcr.dump_gws problem

Gary Chen Gary.Chen at lightyear.net
Tue Jul 24 21:44:17 CEST 2012

Sorry, it should be Kamailio 3.3.0 not 3.2.0.

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Subject: [SR-Users] lcr.dump_gws problem

Kamailio 3.2.0

When testing Kamailio 3.2.0, I notice that lcr.dump_gws command does not display ip_addr correctly. Here is my output:
        lcr_id: 3
        gw_id: 15
        gw_index: 2
        gw_name: gateway_1
        scheme: sip
        ip_addr: 1273060816.0.0.0
        port: 5060
        strip: 0
        flags: 0
        defunct_until: 0

LCR is still working correctly. It just does not display IP in the right form. Does any body also has the same problem?


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