[SR-Users] Removing display-name with uac_replace_from

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Fri Jul 6 01:36:05 CEST 2012


The attached patch does the trick for me, but I'd rather like to have a
second opinion on it for any potential side effects before pushing it.

The point here is that the fixup function didn't change (beside the
name) between 3.1 and 3.3, however 3.1 used dedicated w_replace_from1()
and w_replace_from2(), whereas 3.3 uses one unified w_replace_from(),
which breaks the behavior the fixup function is providing.


On 07/05/2012 12:32 AM, Andreas Granig wrote:
> Hi,
> On 07/04/2012 09:42 PM, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
>> quick look into the sources shows that fixup makes the display parameter
>> null if its length is 0 -- perhaps introduced in the patch that unified
>> the fixup to work also for replacing the To header display. If you have
>> time and urgent need, you can push a fix for it asap, otherwise I will
>> look at it once getting some spare time out of traveling.
> Ok, I'll have a look at it tomorrow and push a fix.
> Andreas
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