[SR-Users] Variable $fu Kamailio 3.2

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Tue Apr 10 04:05:36 CEST 2012

$fu is not mutable.

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"Gilbert T. Gutierrez, Jr." <mailing-lists at phoenixinternet.net> wrote:

>I wrote the code below to rewrite an extension to a phone number (It is 
>called in route[LOCATION]). This code works fine with MULTIDOMAIN 
>enabled but when I run it as a single domain the line $fu=$var(b); does 
>not seem to work..  You can see that I have several xlog lines 
>outputting the variable values into my /var/log/messages. $var(b) has 
>the correct value in it, so I do not know what is happening. I have also 
>included the /var/log/messages output which I redacted the phone number, 
>domain, and extension for security purposes. I am sure I am going about 
>this backwards, but can someone provide me some guidance as to what is 
>going wrong?
>Thank you,
># Rewrite - Gilbert
>route[REWRITE] {
># This section rewrites the outbound calling number so that caller id 
>works correctly.
>         # lookup an outbound number to replace the extension with
>         $var(b)="NO REV";
>         sql_xquery("ca","select number from pioutalias where 
>         # determine if a outbound number exists
>         if ($xavp(ra=>number)) {
>                 $var(b)="sip:" + $xavp(ra=>number) + "@" + $fd;
>                 xlog("L_INFO","var(b): '$var(b)'");
>                 xlog("L_INFO","fu: '$fu'");
>                 # Assign the outbound calling number
>                 $fu=$var(b);
>                 xlog("L_INFO","New fu: '$fu'");
>         }
>         sql_result_free("ra");
>         # see if it found a number and log if it did not
>         if ($var(b)=="NO REV")
>                 xlog("L_INFO","No number found for extension: '$fu'");
>/var/log/messages output
>Apr  9 14:38:38 tempfax /usr/sbin/kamailio[6088]: INFO: <script>: 
>var(b): 'sip:602XXXXXXX at xxxx.com'
>Apr  9 14:38:38 tempfax /usr/sbin/kamailio[6088]: INFO: <script>: fu: 
>'sip:30XXXXX at xxxx.com'
>Apr  9 14:38:38 tempfax /usr/sbin/kamailio[6088]: INFO: <script>: New 
>fu: 'sip:30XXXXX at xxxx.com'
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