[SR-Users] perl module compilation on centos

Yuri Krichevsky yuri.k at ipt.co.il
Thu Sep 22 17:51:23 CEST 2011


Just delete "modules_k/perl/openserxs.c" before compilation.

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Subject: [SR-Users] perl module compilation on centos


while building the v3.1.5 RPMs, the perl module failed to compile on centos 5 and 6, with following error:

error: `PL_unitcheckav' undeclared (first use in this function )

so its packaging was disabled. It works fine on opensuse and fedora. Someone on twitter tried with the package perl-ExtUtils-Embed (like in fedora) and worked. However, OpenSUSE Build System fails to find that package.

Is anyone here with latest centos 5 or 6 that can try compilation of perl module in v3.1.5 and let me know the result? Few months ago, it didn't fail for v3.1.4.


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